Asian Hornet Trap

Easily Catch Asian Hornets with Our T-gate Trap

The Asian hornet (Vespa velutina) is a major problem for beekeepers in Europe, Japan and South Korea.  Use our Catchy traps near beehives to protect your bees.


Product Specifications

With no predators, the Asian Hornet (Bee Hawkers) will attack beehives and will
collapse them. They also attack other insects, butterflies and even small birds. How can you help? Everyone must their part otherwise we could face the eradication of the bee populations. Use this Catchy T-gate bottle trap to trap the hornet. Follow the easy to use instructions on baiting and setting up the trap. Contact your local agricultural authority when hornets are caught.

  1. Cut the label off of a clear 2 litre (64 fl. oz) plastic bottle.
  2. Pour 250 ml (1 cup) of each fruit juice, water, Chinese cooking wine and white
  3. Screw the T-gate on the bottle.
  4. Thread plastic twist tie (supplied) through the trap.
  5. Hang the trap 1.2 m above ground.
  6. Empty trap every 14 days and re-bait.
    Best time to trap is between April to October.

Set up traps early in the morning when hornets are inactive. Empty bottles
only if there are no live hornets in the trap. Seek medical attention immediately if stung.  Multiple stings can be life-threatening.

Why Use Our Asian Hornet Trap?

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