Wasp & Hornet Traps

At Intko Supply Ltd., we are a leading and well-established company that specializes in the manufacturing, distribution, and inventory holding of top-quality insect traps. Our Wasp & Hornet traps are easy to use, effective, and environmentally friendly. Our Catchy traps are highly recommended near beehives to ensure that your bees are well-protected and safe.

Our Catchy Yellowjacket & Wasp bag trap is easy to use and is effective in catching these pesky insects.

Start catching Yellowjackets and Wasps immediately with our Catchy reusable bottle trap.

Our Catchy Giant Asian Hornet Trap is an effective solution to help protect your bees.

The Asian Hornet is a challenge for beekeepers. Use our Catchy traps near beehives to protect your bees.