Flour & Pantry Moth Trap

Our effective flour and pantry moth traps are here to help you keep your food storage areas free from pesky insects. Made with non-toxic materials, our moth traps are safe for use around children and pets. Simply place the traps in areas where moths are often found and watch how they lure in and trap the moths.


Product Specifications

  1. Expose glue by slowly removing the release paper.
  2. Remove lure from packet and place it in the middle of the glued area.
  3. Fold trap into a rectangle and secure the flap.
  4. Place traps high up away from each other as far as possible in the kitchen.  Use 1 trap for smaller areas (small kitchen, pantry).
  5. Dispose of the traps in regular household garbage after about 90 days.  Setup new traps if moth infestation persists.

Why Use Our Flour & Pantry Moth Trap?


Easy To Use

Pesticide Free


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